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CW: Abusive Behavior, Far Right politics.

Fellow Workers, Fellow Travelers, and those in good faith at large,

There has recently been an explosion of discussion regarding a certain member of the Seattle IWW going under the assumed name SC. As a part of this, there have been several documents written about her behavior in past organizations, ties to the state, and destructive and abusive behavior in the IWW/GDC. While we may not all 100% agree with all aspects of the previous documents, before we can even hope to begin discussing any of these subjects we need to believe what our eyes are telling us with clear facts – not just allegations.

We believe that state repression is a very real thing to be concerned about, and too many in the IWW have not thought strategically about it much, if at all. Some facts about SC’s ties to the state include, but are not limited to:

  • SC is a former non-commissioned military intelligence officer with current and active security clearance. This is by her own blog and admission to select people, her LinkedIn page with her real name, her Wikipedia page, and through various public interviews.
  • In August 2016 SC was a delegate to the Republican National Convention for the far-right anti-LGBT and anti-union candidate Ted Cruz. As a part of the Ted Cruz leadership team, she gave multiple interviews to national news organizations during this time with her real name, and also personally donated $900.00 to his campaign according to documentation from the Federal Elections Commission.
  • SC is the “grassroots state leader for Washington State” for Stand Up Republic (SUR) using her real name as of April 2018. SUR is a deeply conservative ruling-class political organization with ties to the anti-Trump deep state, and state intelligence/technology communities. SUR is lead by Evan McMullin, a former CIA agent and independent conservative presidential candidate.
  • In August 2018 SC flew out to attend the SUR board of directors meeting, where she interacted with many others from this organization. This was less than one month before the 2018 IWW convention, and during one of the most important parts of the GCI campaign. This was right after GCI closed the Seattle office, and she missed the Job branch meeting to respond to this event.
  • During the 2019 General Executive Board winter meeting, SC claimed that the Gender Equity Committee (GEC) had requested that the co-chairs of that committee have access to the IWW central database. She claimed this was in order to help process Sato Fund Requests and help with mediation issues. No other GEC members can recall this being openly discussed, nor is it in the minutes for the one meeting the GEC had before the winter meeting. SC is one of these co-chairs.

These facts show that SC is actively climbing in ruling-class/intelligence community political circles while at the same time deepening her involvement with the IWW. She was elected to several national level committees in the IWW this year and is now attempting to access the entirety of information on the union’s membership. This factual chain of events is deeply alarming, especially when considering the data security of our undocumented and incarcerated fellow workers in this heightened period of repression and attack.

When confronted with these facts, two contradictory explanations have been provided: 1.) That her actions were a past political phase that she has since evolved away from, and 2.)That she was doing deep anti-fascist infiltration into the Republican party and other right-wing organizing for the last 15 years. Neither of these explanations hold water for us.

If we were to believe the first, we need to recognize the fact that not only is her political activity recent, but is actually still current, organized, and at a high level under her real name. As dynamic organizers ourselves, we recognize the ability of class consciousness and the role of struggle in helping people develop their politics. Many of us have had these moments ourselves or seen it while organizing coworkers, but the facts and timeline presented above clearly contradict this narrative.

The second explanation provided is also highly suspect. SC has claimed herself that SUR is not a right wing organization. If we are to believe her, we cannot apply this argument to that section of her past. But more generally, are we to believe that one lone individual with a very public presence did this for nearly fifteen years under her real name through multiple organizations and locations? Those familiar with infiltration work know this is not how these projects are organized or how actionable intelligence is produced. SC has also claimed that her activity to support Cruz was “to prevent the nomination of Trump, to keep the country from sliding towards fascism.” It is not “diversity of tactics” to support one far-right candidate over another. We also need to take into account the impact of her actions, regardless of intent. She has provided not only grassroots organizing and organizational support for the far right, but also significant monetary support for far right politics and politicians.

All of this is leaving aside the vast array of charges, allegations and investigations, history of abuse, undemocratic organizing, previous attempt to access the GDC database, and disruption of radical organizing that the other documents have made at length. It is also leaving aside the multiple cases of false doxxing accusations and false charges she has made when people so much as know her real name that she has used publicly in our union several times. This consistent pattern of harm should be recognizable to class-conscious revolutionary organizers whatever her intent may be, but is in many ways besides the point. Bad-jacketing is making accusations without factual support, which we are not doing. These established facts we have presented alone should be enough for anybody who is paying attention to understand the risks that having this person in our organization poses.

As experienced organizers and radicals, we understand the importance of being open and honest about our concerns. We found her short response and her branch’s responses to these claims weak, and do not believe the charges process will be able to deal with this issue as a whole. We also recognize the history of danger that similar conflicts posed to radical organizations throughout the years. As we have no intention of running away from these concerns, we have both voted to approve this document as WRUM, and allow others to sign. We hope that individuals and groups will join us in signing on to these three points:

1.) Members of our union have every right to be concerned about their personal information, especially those who face active repression from the state or other forces, such as incarcerated and undocumented workers. Dismissing these concerns as not important demonstrates a lack of concern or solidarity with these workers. Giving SC access to members’ personal information is dangerous and irresponsible. She must not be allowed to continue her membership in this organization, nor in any other radical organizations.

2.) Those who knew this history and kept it secret, those who abuse badly designed structures for her, and those who continue to defend her against these facts will be held accountable.

3.) The structures in place that allowed this to happen must change.

To sign this statement as an individual or group, please email We will update daily and close signatures on 3/17/2019.


Wobblies for a Revolutionary Union Movement

Cal R, Twin Cities IWW/GDC, WRUM, M1AA


Vesper P, Twin Cities IWW/GDC, WRUM

Alan S, Milwaukee IWW/GDC, WRUM, IWOC National Steering member

Nate, Atlanta IWW/GDC

Brandon, Atlanta IWW/GDC

Alec, Tampa Bay GMB/Central FL GDC


Dottie, At large IWW, WRUM

Mike C, Atlanta IWW/GDC

Jack, Asheville IWW/Blue Ridge GDC, WRUM

Kelsey, Atlanta IWW/GDC, WRUM

Cole, Bay Area IWW, IWOC National Steering Committee

Black Cat Connolly – Upstate NY IWW, Albany GDC, WRUM

Cal C., DC IWW, SCC.




Greg M., Twin Cities IWW/GDC

FW Jarrod

Kris W., Tampa Bay GMB, Central Florida GDC

Karl, member at large in Jacksonville, NC

Bob D., Detroit Eviction Defense, Solidarity and Defense, First of May Anarchist Alliance

Brandon, Seattle IWW

Jill Twin Cities IWW/GDC

Jeff, Twin Cities IWW/GDC

Derek J. – Tampa Bay GMB IWW , Central FL GDC, SCC, WRUM

Twin Cities GDC Local 14 Information Security and Technology Working Group

Sunny H, IWW/GDC

Richard M, Twin Cities IWW/GDC

Allen K, Raleigh-Durham GMB

FW Fabian

FW Frank C

Sabrina C., Tampa Bay GMB, Central Florida GDC

Evan M., X400205 iu631, Milwaukee GMB

Dean Tuckerman, Whatcom/Skagit (WA) GDC

Becca B, IWW/GDC Local #7

Tim H, Maple City GMB/GDC Local #7

Jim S, Milwaukee IWW/GDC

Brock B, Madison IWW/GDC

Atlanta General Membership Branch

x360166, IU520, Michigan at-large

Josh, Seattle GDC, Iraq Veterans Against the War / About Face

Sam Adams, Twin Cities IWW/GDC

Cookie, Albany GDC

Oliver Berkman, Ottawa GDC

Giovanni, at-large IWW/GDC

David M, Detroit Solidarity & Defense, First of May Anarchist Alliance

Kaif S, First of May Anarchist Alliance, Solidarity and Defense and Detroit Eviction Defense

JL, Ottawa GDC Local 6

Blue Ridge General Defense Committee

Ottawa General Defense Committee Local 6

First of May Anarchist Alliance

Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee Local 14

Nick, Albany GDC

Adam, Albany GDC

Rana, Albany GDC

Albany General Defense Committee Local 35

Chicago General Defense Committee Local 3

Twin Cities GDC Local 14 Anti-Repression Working Group

Twin Cities General Membership Branch

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