Solidarity with Charlottesville

Wobblies For A Revolutionary Union Movement would like to offer our support and solidarity to the IWW, GDC, Redneck Revolt, and DSA members, and resisters at large, who were injured in the senseless terrorist attack yesterday in Charlottesville. We give our condolences regarding the loss of life that occurred. We are with you.


We understand that Redneck Revolt in particular played a key role in preventing even further violence, and thank them for that. We recommend reading their reportback.


We stand fully behind the statement from the General Defense Committee. There were reports that the comrade who was killed yesterday was an IWW member. From what we have been able to tell, that is not the case, but they are our comrade, as is everyone who was injured, and everyone who put themselves on the line to prevent more violence.


Fascist violence is taking hold in communities across North America. Charlottesville is one of numerous instances in which people from many backgrounds and identities came together to fight against this wave of intolerance and hatred.


We stand with everyone who has and will continue to struggle to end white supremacy and the nascent “alt-right” that it hides behind. The willingness of communities to organize and fight against fascism is our best hope for a better world.

Guide to Charlottesville Solidarity Actions Around the World

Medical Fund for Comrades in Cville

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